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Thank You For Your Interest!

We will contact you within 48 hours. Here's a preview of what's included in our coaching program

A Results-Driven Training Method

Your program will be personalized using the BEST exercises and OPTIMAL recovery time to get you to your goal FASTER and SAFER.


A Nutrition Plan You Can Stick To

Nutrition isn't a one size fits all package. The key to reaching your goal is CONSISTENCY. Some people enjoy lower carb diets while others can't live without carbs, we help you design a nutrition plan that YOU can actually follow consistently.


Accountability & Fitness App

The whole reason of hiring an Online Coach is for accountability. There are hundreds of cheap fitness apps that create workouts for you, however, there is no human element there coaching & motivating you. Lean Bodies by Ruben isn't just a Fitness App, It's your own personal trainer who you have access to whenever you need him.

Join the rest of the clients in our Facebook group where we support each other and discuss fitness related information.


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